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Michael Meyer

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Michael Meyer is head of international law at the British Red Cross. He has worked for the British National Society for nearly 40 years, providing and supervising advice and training on IHL as well as on the protective emblems and the principles and rules relevant to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Mr. Meyer has served on government and Red Cross/Crescent delegations to international meetings and represents the British Red Cross on the United Kingdom National Committee on IHL. He has also been a member of the governing bodies of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law and of the UK Group of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War.  He is a member of the Ethics Committee of UK Defence Medical Services and was a founding member and long-time Chair of the European Red Cross and Red Crescent Legal Support Group.

Mr. Meyer has contributed articles to journals, and edited publications, on various legal and humanitarian matters. At the request of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), he contributed to the updated commentaries to the Geneva Conventions articles on the protective emblems. He is the recipient of an honorary OBE, the Henry Dunant Medal, and the British Red Cross’ Queen’s Badge of Honour.

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