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Véronique Aubert

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Ms. Véronique Aubert is a senior human rights expert with over 20 years of experience in fact-finding missions investigating gross violations against children in conflict settings and promoting governments’ and armed actors’ compliance with international law standards. She is the Lead on Children and Armed Conflict at Save the Children UK where she provides policy analysis and child rights expertise, and leads talks with senior government officials and donors. She recently co-authored with Oxford University the report Advancing Justice for Children (March 2021), which explores the barriers—and potential solutions—regarding accountability for crimes and violations against children in conflict. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) and is actively involved in advocacy around the development and implementation of the Safe Schools Declaration, while also involved in the publication of the Education under Attack flagship report.

Ms. Aubert regularly serves as a child rights expert for Justice Rapid Response to investigate international crimes against children and as a member of the Technical Advisory Panel for the Global Fund for Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence. She was awarded an OBE in 2021 as a reward for her contribution to protecting children in armed conflict.

Prior to joining Save the Children UK in 2012, Ms. Aubert worked at Amnesty International’s International Secretariat for 11 years, first as a Researcher on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2000-2007) and then as Deputy Director of the Africa Programme (2007-2011). During that time, she conducted and coordinated fact-finding investigations and supervised publications on a range of issues relating to crimes against or involving children in situations of armed conflict.

She was also appointed Trustee on the Board of Child Soldiers International (2016-2019), a non- governmental organization that worked to prevent the recruitment, use, and exploitation of children by armed forces and groups. She also served as an Expert in the process convened (2013-2016) by the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office team that developed the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Ms. Aubert holds a Master’s degree in Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (1998).

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