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Prof Karen Hulme

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Professor Karen Hulme is Professor of Law at the School of Law, University of Essex, United Kingdom. Karen specializes in the legal protection of the environment during armed conflict. She has also published on environmental human rights, environmental security, post-conflict obligations, the legality of specific weapons, as well as climate change, biodiversity/nature protection, oceans and protected areas.

Since 2017 Karen has served as Chair of the IUCN WCEL Specialist Group on Environmental Security and Conflict. She was part of an expert panel in 2009, contributing to the discussions and report for UNEP on Protecting the Environment during Armed Conflict: An Inventory and Analysis of International Law. This Report called for the International Law Commission to take up the issue of protection of the environment during conflict. Karen has been closely following the work of the ILC on the Protection of the Environment in relation to Armed Conflict, contributing expert comments with members of the IUCN Specialist Group to the ILC in 2021. She was also an expert reviewer for the ICRC’s 2020 Guidelines on the Protection of the Natural Environment in Armed Conflict.

Karen has also worked with the Essex Business and Human Rights Project (EBHR) on a number of reports and consultancies on the environmental impacts caused by the extractives industry, including drafting legislative amendments and advising on human rights impact monitoring, and, in particular, on issues of environmental law and environmental human rights.

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