LT Mark Jessup

LT Mark Jessup

Guest Author

LT Mark Jessup, JAGC, USN is an Assistant Professor of Military Law at the United States Naval Academy, where he teaches Operational Law and the Law of Armed Conflict.  There he coaches USNA’s teams for the San Remo International Humanitarian Law Competition for Military Academies and the American Red Cross’s Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Competition.

Commissioned in 2015, his first tour as a Judge Advocate was in Naples, Italy where he worked at Region Legal Service Office Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and supported U.S. SIXTH Fleet in various operational exercises.  He then served three years in Washington as a Trial Counsel at Region Legal Service Office Northwest, during which he was selected as the Naval Legal Service Command's Trial Counsel of the Year, was certified as a Special Victims Prosecutor, and qualified as a Specialist in the Military Justice Litigation Career Track.

He currently lives in Annapolis, MD with his wife Rachel and their four children.

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