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Capt Irina Cristescu

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Captain Irina Cristescu is a legal officer in the Directorate of International and Operational Law of the Office of the Judge Advocate General in the Canadian Armed Forces. Born in Bucharest, Romania, she moved to Canada with her parents at the age of 10 and grew up in Toronto, Ontario.

Prior to joining the military, she worked as a legal advisor for the ICRC and Canadian Red Cross in Ottawa and as a legal researcher at the University of Essex Human Rights Clinic in Colchester, UK. Capt Cristescu completed her articles at the International Criminal Court in the Office of the Presidency and was called to the Ontario bar in 2018.

Capt Cristescu holds an LLM from the University of Essex with a specialization in international humanitarian law, a JD from the University of Ottawa and a BA with Joint Honors in history and political science from McGill University.

Capt Cristescu currently lives in Ottawa with her husband, David.

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