Prof Marten Zwanenburg


Prof Marten Zwanenburg

Guest Author

Marten Zwanenburg is Professor of Military Law at the Faculty of Military Sciences of the Netherlands Defence Academy and a legal counsel with the International Law Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

In his academic capacity, Professor Zwanenburg is the head of the military law section of the Faculty of Military Sciences. This section is responsible for all courses on military law taught to aspiring officers in the Netherlands Armed Forces. Professor Zwanenburg’s own teaching focuses on public international law as it relates to military operations.

Professor Zwanenburg’s research centers on international conflict and security law. He has published widely on peace operations, the law of armed conflict, the law of occupation, international human rights law, and international responsibility. His current research interests include the use of biometrics in military operations, space and military operations, and the protection of schools during armed conflict.

Professor Zwanenburg studied international and civil law at the University of Leiden. He received his PhD from the same university in 2004.

The views expressed are those of Professor Zwanenburg and do not necessarily represent those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any other part of the government of the Netherlands.

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