The Future Character of War and the Law

How will warfare change in future conflicts? Will existing law be called on to adjust to operational realities? To delve deeper into these questions, the Lieber Institute has partnered with Army Futures Command.

The Lieber Institute’s role has been to think through possible legal implications of anticipated changes in the character of future war during Army Futures Command’s wargame and Future Study Program (Unified Quest, the Army’s Title 10 wargame). The war game and study program are geared toward developing a new operational-level concept of warfare for 2035 and beyond, focusing on how the Army could operate, how it could be equipped, and how it could be organized in a contested environment and against a peer adversary that will likely be matched or overmatched in capabilities.

As part of this collaboration, the Lieber Institute and Army Futures Command held a kick-off event on The Future Character of War and the Law of Armed Conflict in April that emphasized the importance of thinking deliberately, thoughtfully, and responsibly through the legal implications early on. Proceedings are available here.