Announcement: Reeves Appointed Dean of West Point

by | Apr 30, 2021

Shane Reeves. West point Dean office


The Lieber Institute for Law and Land Warfare is pleased to announce that COL(P) Shane R. Reeves has been confirmed for appointment to Brigadier General and will serve as the United States Military Academy’s next Dean of the Academic Board. COL(P) Reeves previously served as Head of the Department of Law and Co-Director of the Lieber Institute at West Point.

COL(P) Reeves’s selection as the 15th Dean of the United States Military Academy is a testament to his distinguished academic record, exceptional military leadership, and unwavering commitment to the education of the Army’s future leaders. COL(P) Reeves was a founding member of the Lieber Institute and the first Co-Editor-in-Chief of Articles of War. At the Lieber Institute, COL(P) Reeves worked tirelessly to promote its mission of fostering a deeper understanding of the complex and evolving relationship between law and warfare and ensuring the law’s relevance in contemporary conflict. COL(P) Reeves’s appointment as Dean reflects an investment of trust in one of the Army’s most imaginative and dynamic officers and one of the nation’s most gifted leaders.

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